Genady Margolin, Ulf Rehmann, and Vyacheslav Yanchevskii:
Generation of the 2-Torsion Part of the Brauer Group of a Local Quintic by Quaternion Algebras,

Submission: 1997, Dec. 15

An abridged form of this manuscipt ("The totally splitting case") has appeared in: H. Bass, A.O.Kuku, and C. Pedrini. (Ed). Algebraic K-theory and its Applications. Proceedings of the Workshop and Symposium,(1997), ICTP, Trieste, Italy. WORLD SCIENTIFIC, Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hongkong (1999). p. 503-535

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16K50

Keywords and Phrases: Brauer groups, local quintic curves

Full text: dvi.gz 135 k, dvi 483 k, ps.gz 320 k, pdf.gz 391 k.

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