Marcel Bokstedt & Iver Ottosen: Homotopy orbits of free loop spaces,

Submission: 1999, Nov. 18

Let X be a space with free loop space LX and let R denote the mod two cohomology of X. We construct a functor of R together with a natural algebra homomorphism into the mod two cohomology of the circle homotopy orbits of LX. When X is 1-connected and R is a symmetric algebra, we show that this is an isomorphism.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: 55N91, 55P35, 55R12

Keywords and Phrases: Free loop spaces, transfer maps, Steenrod operations

Full text: dvi.gz 38 k, dvi 105 k, ps.gz 191 k, pdf.gz 286 k, pdf 366 k.

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