Iver Ottosen: Equivariant evaluation on free loop spaces


Submission: 2000, Jan. 28

There is a natural evaluation map on the free loop space $\Lambda X \to X^k$ which sends a loop to its values at the $k$th roots of unity. This map is equivariant with respect to the action of the cyclic group on $k$ elements $C_k$. We study the induced map in $C_k$-equivariant cohomology with mod two coefficients in the cases where $k=2^m$ for $m\geq 1$.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: 55N91, 55P35.

Keywords and Phrases: Equivariant cohomology, free loop spaces.

Full text: dvi.gz 47 k, dvi 120 k, ps.gz 210 k, pdf.gz 260 k, pdf 320 k.

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