Manfred Knebusch and Ulf Rehmann: Generic Splitting Towers and Generic Splitting Preparation of Quadratic Forms

Submission: 2000, Feb. 11

published in: E. Bayer-Fluckiger e.a., Proceedings of the Conference on ``Quadratic Forms and their Applications'' in Dublin, July 4-10, 1999. Contemp. Math. 272 (2000), 173-199.

This manuscript describes how a generic splitting tower of a regular anisotropic quadratic form digests the form down to a form which is totally split.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E04, 11E81

Keywords and Phrases: quadratic forms, generic splitting

Full text: dvi.gz 60 k, dvi 151 k, ps.gz 233 k, pdf.gz 278 k, pdf 339 k.

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