J. Boutros, E. Viterbo: Signal Space Diversity: a power and bandwidth efficient diversity technique for the Rayleigh fading channel


Submission: 2000, Mar. 08
Published in IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory 44 (1998), no. 4, 1453--1467.

The increasing need of high data rate transmissions over time or frequency selective fading channels has drawn attention to modulation schemes with high spectral efficiency such as QAM. With the aim of increasing the `diversity order' of the signal set we consider the multidimensional rotated QAM constellations. Very high diversity orders can be achieved and this results in an almost Gaussian performance over the fading channel. This multidimensional modulation scheme is essentially uncoded and enables to trade diversity for system complexity, at no expense of power or bandwidth.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification:

Keywords and Phrases: QAM Modulation, fading, diversity, number fields, rotation, lattices.

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