David W. Lewis, Claus Scheiderer and Thomas Unger: A Weak Hasse Principle for Central Simple Algebras with an Involution

david.lewis@ucd.ie, claus@uni-duisburg.de, thomas.unger@ucd.ie

Submission: 2001, Jul 11

The notions of totally indefinite and weakly isotropic algebras with involution are introduced and a proof is given of the fact that a field satisfies the Effective Diagonalization Property (ED) if and only if it satisfies the following weak Hasse principle: every totally indefinite central simple algebra with involution of the first kind over the given field is weakly isotropic. This generalizes a known result from quadratic form theory.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16K20, 11E39, 12J15

Keywords and Phrases: Real fields, central simple algebras, involutions, weak Hasse principles, hermitian squares

Full text: dvi.gz 20 k, dvi 46 k, ps.gz 178 k, pdf.gz 108 k, pdf 153 k.

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