Michael Adam, Birte Julia Mutschler: On Wedderburn's theorem about finite division algebras

mad@uni-math.gwdg.de, Birte.Julia@web.de

Submission: 2002, Dec 5, revised 2003, Apr 23

Wedderburn's first proof of his theorem on finite division algebras contains a gap. We analyse the gap, give a variant of Wedderburn's proof that goes completely without the gap-producing statement, and we show how to fill the gap in a way Wedderburn could probably have done it.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16K20, 12E20; 16K50

Keywords and Phrases: finite dimensional division algebras, finite fields, Brauer groups

Full text: dvi.gz 24 k, dvi 53 k, ps.gz 236 k, pdf.gz 149 k, pdf 176 k.

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