Lectures given at the Conference:

Motives, K-theory and Arithmetical Geometry

Summer School & Workshop
Sestri Levante (Genova, Italy) June 28 - July 2, 2004

Most of the material presented here consists of scanned images of the slides presented during the lectures.

Y. André: Motivic Galois Groups
    Part I:   djvu  902 kB, pdf 1153 kB 
    Part II:  djvu  573 kB, pdf  758 kB 
    Part III: djvu  660 kB, pdf  839 kB 

J. Ayoub: Conservability of the Vanishing-Cycles Functor and the Schur
Finitenes of DM(k)
    djvu 1259 kB, pdf 1544 kB 

J.-L. Colliot-Thélène: R-Equivalence and Rational Equivalence on Varieties 
over p-Adic Files, with Special Regards to Rationally Connected
    Part I:   djvu  143 kB, pdf  295 kB 
    Part II:  djvu  410 kB, pdf  561 kB 
    Part III: djvu  399 kB, pdf  535 kB 
 Some proofs: djvu  123 kB, pdf  247 kB 

Uwe Jannsen: Categories of Motives
    Part I:   djvu  446 kB, pdf  584 kB 
    Part II:  djvu  540 kB, pdf  694 kB 
    Part III: djvu  508 kB, pdf  658 kB 

B. Kahn: Birational Motives
Will appear soon here

L. Moret-Bailly: Algebraic Stacks
    Part I:   djvu  610 kB, pdf  821 kB 
    Part II:  djvu  722 kB, pdf  940 kB 
    Part III: djvu  845 kB, pdf 1102 kB 

C. Weibel: Motivic Cohomology and Bloch-Kato Conjecture
    Part I:   djvu  314 kB, pdf  408 kB 
    Part II:  djvu  488 kB, pdf  592 kB 
    Part III: djvu  441 kB, pdf  585 kB
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