Ganesh Bhandari, Nicole Lemire, Jan Minac, John Swallow: Galois module structure of Milnor K-theory in characteristic p,,,

Submission: 2004, Oct 29

Let $E$ be a cyclic extension of degree $p^n$ of a field $F$ of characteristic $p$. We determine $k_mE$, the Milnor $K$-groups modulo $p$, as $\Fp[\Gal(E/F)]$-modules for all $m\in \N$.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 19D45, 12F10

Keywords and Phrases: Milnor K-groups modulo p, cyclic extensions, Galois modules

Full text: dvi.gz 26 k, dvi 78 k, ps.gz 796 k, pdf.gz 149 k, pdf 183 k.

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