Nicolas Guay: Cherednik Algebras and Yangians

Submission: 2005, Jun 23

We construct a functor from the category of modules over the trigonometric (resp. rational) Cherednik algebra of type GL(l) to the category of integrable modules of level l over a Yangian for the loop algebra sl(n) (resp. over a subalgebra of this Yangian called the Yangian deformed double loop algebra) and we establish that it is an equivalence of categories if l+2

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16S30, 16S35, 16W35, 16W99

Keywords and Phrases: Cherednik algebras, Yangians, symmetric group, modules, equivalence of categories

Full text: dvi.gz 58 k, dvi 195 k, ps.gz 795 k, pdf.gz 266 k, pdf 297 k.

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