James O'Shea: New values for the level and sublevel of composition algebras


Submission: 2007, Feb 20

Constructions of quaternion and octonion algebras, suggested to have new level and sublevel values, are proposed and justified. In particular, octonion algebras of level and sublevel 6 and 7 are constructed. In addition, Hoffmann's proof of the existence of infinitely many new values for the level of a quaternion algebra is generalised and adapted.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 11E04; Secondary 11E25, 17A75, 16K20

Keywords and Phrases: Quaternion algebra, octonion algebra, level, sublevel, function field of a quadratic form

Full text: dvi.gz 39 k, dvi 94 k, ps.gz 702 k, pdf.gz 197 k, pdf 223 k.

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