V. Chernousov, P. Gille, A. Pianzola: Torsors over the punctered affine line

chernous@math.ualberta.ca, gille@ens.fr, a.pianzola@math.ualberta.ca

Submission: 2008, Sep 1

We classify G-torsors over the punctured affine line where G is a reductive algebraic group defined over a field k of good characteristic. Our classification is in terms of the Galois cohomology of the complete field k((t)) with values in G.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E72, 14L30, 14E20

Keywords and Phrases: Linear algebraic group, group scheme, torsor, punctured affine line, non-abelian cohomology.

Full text: dvi.gz 88 k, dvi 211 k, ps.gz 1065 k, pdf.gz 368 k, pdf 412 k.

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