R. Hazrat, A. R. Wadsworth: SK1 of graded division algebras

r.hazrat@qub.ac.uk, wadswrth@math.ucsd.edu

Submission: 2008, Dec 17

The reduced Whitehead group SK1 of a graded division algebra graded by a torsion-free abelian group is studied. It is observed that the computations here are much more straightforward than in the non-graded setting. Bridges to the ungraded case are then established by the following two theorems: It is proved that SK1 of a tame valued division algebra over a henselian field coincides with SK1 of its associated graded division algebra. Furthermore, it is shown that SK1 of a graded division algebra is isomorphic to SK1 of its quotient division algebra. The first theorem gives the established formulas for the reduced Whitehead group of certain valued division algebras in a unified manner, whereas the latter theorem covers the stability of reduced Whitehead groups, and also describes SK1 for generic abelian crossed products.

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