Pawel Gladki, Bill Jacob: On profinite spaces of orderings,

Submission: 2012, Feb 23

In this paper we present the following two results: we give an explicit description of the space of orderings of the field Q(x) as an inverse limit of finite spaces of orderings and we provide a new, simple proof of the fact that the class of spaces of orderings for which the pp conjecture holds true is closed under inverse limits. We discuss how these theorems interact with each other, and explain our motivation to look into these problems.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E10 (primary), 12D15 (secondary)

Keywords and Phrases: quadratic forms, spaces of orderings

Full text: dvi.gz 20 k, dvi 48 k, ps.gz 747 k, pdf.gz 117 k, pdf 135 k.

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