Vladimir L. Popov: Tori in the Cremona groups


Submission: 2012, Jul 27

We classify up to conjugacy the algebraic subgroups of certain types in the full, in the affine, and in the special affine Cremona groups. We prove that the normalizers of these subgroups are algebraic. As an application, we obtain new results in the Linearization Problem generalizing to disconnected group Bialynicki-Birula's results of 1966--67. We prove ``fusion theorems'' for n-dimensional tori in the affine and in the special affine Cremona groups of rank n. In the final section we introduce and discuss the notions of Jordan decomposition and torsion primes for the Cremona groups.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14E07

Keywords and Phrases: diagonalizable group, torus, Cremona group, conjugacy

Full text: dvi.gz 62 k, dvi 151 k, ps.gz 1194 k, pdf.gz 265 k, pdf 299 k.

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