M. G. Mahmoudi, A.-H. Nokhodkar: Involutions of a Clifford algebra induced by involutions of orthogonal group in characteristic 2

mmahmoudi@sharif.ir, anokhodkar@yahoo.com

Submission: 2012, Sep 21

Among the involutions of a Clifford algebra, those induced by the involutions of the orthogonal group are the most natural ones. In this work, several basic properties of these involutions, such as the relations between their invariants, their occurrences and their decompositions are investigated.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E88, 11E04, 16W10

Keywords and Phrases: Clifford algebra, Quadratic form, Involution, Quaternion algebra

Full text: dvi.gz 86 k, dvi 234 k, ps.gz 1039 k, pdf.gz 344 k, pdf 378 k.

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