E. Bayer-Fluckiger, R. Parimala, J-P. Serre: Hasse principle for G-trace forms

eva.bayer@epfl.ch, parimala@mathcs.emory.edu, serre@noos.fr

Submission: 2012, Oct 21

Let k be a global field of characteristic not 2. We prove a local-global principle for the existence of self-dual normal bases, and more generally for the isomorphism of G-trace forms, of G-Galois algebras over k.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20C15 11E12 (11E04)

Keywords and Phrases: Hasse principle, G-trace forms, Galois algebras, induction-restriction methods, Burnside rings

Full text: dvi.gz 47 k, dvi 108 k, ps.gz 755 k, pdf.gz 206 k, pdf 230 k.

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