Eva Bayer-Fluckiger and Daniel Arnold Moldovan: Sesquilinear forms over rings with involution

eva.bayer@epfl.ch, danielarnold.moldovan@epfl.ch

Submission: 2012, Dec 29

Many classical results concerning quadratic forms have been extended to hermitian forms over algebras with involution. However, not much is known in the case of sesquilinear forms without any symmetry property. The present paper will establish a Witt cancellation result, an analogue of Springer's theorem, as well as some local-global and finiteness results in this context.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E39, 11E81.

Keywords and Phrases: sesquilinear forms, hermitian forms, hermitian categories.

Full text: dvi.gz 25 k, dvi 60 k, ps.gz 657 k, pdf.gz 134 k, pdf 152 k.

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