Eva Bayer-Fluckiger and Daniel Arnold Moldovan: Hermitian categories, extension of scalars and systems of sesquilinear forms

eva.bayer@epfl.ch, danielarnold.moldovan@epfl.ch

Submission: 2012, Dec 29

In this paper we define a notion of Witt group for sesquilinear forms in hermitian categories, which in turn provides a notion of Witt group for sesquilinear forms over rings with involution. We also study the extension of scalars for $K$-linear hermitian categories, where $K$ is a field of characteristic $\neq 2$. We finally extend several results concerning sesquilinear forms to the setting of systems of such forms.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E39, 11E81

Keywords and Phrases: sesquilinear forms, hermitian forms, systems of sesquilinear forms, hermitian categories, $K$-linear categories, scalar extension, Witt group.

Full text: dvi.gz 27 k, dvi 68 k, ps.gz 761 k, pdf.gz 146 k, pdf 168 k.

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