Alexander Merkurjev: Weight two motivic cohomology of classifying spaces for semisimple groups

Submission: 2013, Mar 24

Let f:X\to Y be a torsor for a semisimple group G with $Y$ a smooth and geometrically irreducible variety over an arbitrary field. We relate the etale motivic cohomology of weight two for X, Y and G. We also compute the etale motivic cohomology groups of degree at most 4 for the classifying space of G.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14F42, 14L30, 14M17

Keywords and Phrases: Semisimple groups, torsors, motivic cohomology, classifying space

Full text: dvi.gz 60 k, dvi 159 k, ps.gz 1019 k, pdf.gz 243 k, pdf 278 k.

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