Nobuaki Yagita: Notes on the filtrations of the K-theory

Submission: 2013, Jul 30

Let X be a (colimit of) smooth algebraic variety over a subfield of C. We consider the gamma, geometric and topological filtrations of the K-theory when the algebraic K-theory over X is isomorphic to the topological K-theory over X(C). In particular, we study cases that X=BG : the classifying space of an algebraic group G for an algebraically closed field k, and X : the twisted form of the flag variety G/T for a non-algebraically closed field k.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 11E72, 12G05.

Keywords and Phrases: gamma-filtration, K-theory.

Full text: dvi.gz 47 k, dvi 125 k, ps.gz 938 k, pdf.gz 234 k, pdf 261 k.

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