Kai-Uwe Bux, Dave Witte Morris, Gopal Prasad, and Andrei Rapinchuk: Arithmetic Groups (Banff, Alberta, April 14-19, 2013)


Submission: 2013, Sep 19

We present detailed summaries of the talks that were given during a week-long workshop on Arithmetic Groups at the Banff International Research Station in April 2013. The vast majority of these reports are based on abstracts that were kindly provided by the speakers. Video recordings of many of the lectures are available online.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20G30 (Primary) 11F06, 11F75, 20-06, 20G44, 20H05, 22E40 (Secondary)

Keywords and Phrases: arithmetic group

Full text: dvi.gz 81 k, dvi 263 k, ps.gz 992 k, pdf.gz 336 k, pdf 410 k.

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