Nikita A. Karpenko and Alexander S. Merkurjev: Motivic decomposition of compactifications of certain group varieties

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Submission: 2014, Feb 13, extended version 2014, Sep 22

Let D be a central simple algebra of prime degree over a field and let E be an SL_1(D)-torsor. We determine the complete motivic decomposition of certain compactifications of E. We also compute the Chow ring of E.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20G15; 14C25

Keywords and Phrases: Central simple algebras, special linear groups, principle homogeneous spaces, compactifications, Chow groups and motives.

Full text: dvi.gz 32 k, dvi 72 k, ps.gz 872 k, pdf.gz 166 k, pdf 187 k.

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