Nikita A. Karpenko: Incompressibility of products by Grassmannians of isotropic subspaces

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Submission: 2014, Sep 23

We prove that the product of an arbitrary projective homogeneous variety Y by an orthogonal, symplectic, or unitary Grassmannian X is 2-incompressible if and only if the varieties X_F(Y) and Y_F(X) are so. Some new properties of incompressible Grassmannians are established on the way.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20G15; 14C25

Keywords and Phrases: Quadratic forms; algebraic groups; projective homogeneous varieties; orthogonal, symplectic, and unitary Grassmannians, Chow groups and motives; canonical dimension and incompressibility.

Full text: dvi.gz 27 k, dvi 67 k, ps.gz 855 k, pdf.gz 152 k, pdf 171 k.

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