M. G. Mahmoudi, A.-H. Nokhodkar: On totally decomposable algebras with involution in characteristic two

mmahmoudi@sharif.ir, anokhodkar@yahoo.com

Submission: 2015, Mar 15

A necessary and sufficient condition for a central simple algebra with involution over a field of characteristic two to be decomposable as a tensor product of quaternion algebras with involution, in terms of its Frobenius subalgebras, is given. It is also proved that a bilinear Pfister form, recently introduced by A. Dolphin, can classify totally decomposable central simple algebras of orthogonal type.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16W10, 16W25, 16K20, 11E39

Keywords and Phrases: Central simple algebra, quaternion algebra, Frobenius algebra, algebra with involution

Full text: dvi.gz 48 k, dvi 120 k, ps.gz 806 k, pdf.gz 221 k, pdf 242 k.

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