Karim Johannes Becher and Andrew Dolphin: Totally decomposable quadratic pairs

KarimJohannes.Becher@uantwerpen.be, Andrew.Dolphin@uantwerpen.be

Submission: 2015, Dec 2, revised 2016, Apr 15

In this paper we show that a split central simple algebra with quadratic pair which decomposes into a tensor product of quaternion algebras with involution and a quaternion algebra with quadratic pair is adjoint to a quadratic Pfister form. This result is new in characteristic two, otherwise it is equivalent to the Pfister Factor Conjecture proven in [3].

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 11E39, 11E81

Keywords and Phrases: Central simple algebras, involutions, quadratic pairs, characteristic two, quadratic forms

Full text: dvi.gz 31 k, dvi 74 k, ps.gz 740 k, pdf.gz 159 k, pdf 177 k.

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