Friedrich Knop, Bernhard Krötz: Reductive group actions

Submission: 2016, Apr 15

In this paper, we study rationality properties of reductive group actions which are defined over an arbitrary field of characteristic zero. Thereby, we unify Luna's theory of spherical systems and Borel-Tits' theory of reductive groups. In particular, we define for any reductive group action a generalized Tits index whose main constituents are a root system and a generalization of the anisotropic kernel. The index controls to a large extent the behavior at infinity (i.e., embeddings). For k-spherical varieties (i.e., where a minimal parabolic has an open orbit) we obtain explicit (wonderful) completions of the set of rational points. For local fields this means honest compactifications generalizing the maximal Satake compactification of a symmetric space. Our main tool is a k-version of the local structure theorem.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 14L30, 14M27, 20G25, 22F30

Keywords and Phrases: Compactifications, reductive groups, spherical varieties, root systems

Full text: dvi.gz 161 k, dvi 544 k, ps.gz 1162 k, pdf.gz 590 k, pdf 742 k.

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