Numbers, Information and Complexity

edited by
Ingo Althöfer
Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena, Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik, Germany
Ning Cai
School of Computing, National University of Singapore
Gunter Dueck
IBM Germany, Heidelberg, Germany
Levon Khachatrian
Fakultät Mathematik, Universität Bielefeld, Germany
Mark S. Pinsker
Institute for Problems of Information Transmission, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Andras Sárkozy
Eotvos Loránd University, Dept. of Algebra and Number Theory, Budapest, Hungary
Ingo Wegener
Universität Dortmund, Germany
Zhen Zhang
Communications Science Institute, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Contents and Contributors
Numbers and Combinatorics.
1. On Prefix-free and Suffix-free Sequences of Integers; R. Ahlswede, et al.
2. Almost Arithmetic Progressions; E. Harzheim.
3. A Method to Estimate Partial-Period Correlations; A.Tietävaäinen.
4. Splitting Properties in Partially Ordered Sets and Set Systems; R. Ahlswede, L.H. Khachatrian.
5. Old and New Results for the Weighted t-Intersection Problem via AK-Methods; C. Bey, K. Engel.
6. Some New Results on Macaulay Posets; S.L. Bezrukov, U. Leck.
7. Minimizing the Absolute Upper Shadow; B. Bollobás, I. Leader.
8. Convex Bounds for the 0,1 Co-ordinate Deletions Function; D.E.Daykin.
9. The Extreme Points of the Probabilistic Capacities Cone Problem; D.E. Daykin.
10. On Shifts of Cascades; D.E. Daykin.
11. Erdös-Ko-Rado Theorems of Higher Order; P.L. Erdös, L.A. Székely.
12. On the Prague Dimension of Kneser Graphs; Z. Füredi.
13. The cycly method and its limits; G.O.H. Katona.
14. Extremal Problems on D-Systems; A.V. Kostochka.
Information Theory. Channels and Networks.
15. The AVC with Noiseless Feedback; R. Ahlswede, N. Cai.
16. Calculation of the Asymptotically Optimal Capacity of a T-User M-Frequency Noiseless Multiple-Access Channel; L. Bassalygo, M. Pinsker.
17. A Survey of Coding Methods for the Adder Channel; G.H.Khachatrian.
18. Communication Network with Self-Similar Traffic; B. Tsybakov.
19. Error Probabilities for Identification Coding and Least Length Single Sequence Hopping; E.C. van der Meulen, S. Csibi.
Combinatorial and AlgebraicCoding.
20. A New Upper Bound On Codes Decodable Into Size-2 Lists; A. Ashikmin, et al.
21. Constructions of Optimal Linear Codes; S. Dodunekov, J. Simonis.
22. New Applications and Results of Superimposed Code Theory Arising from the Potentialities of Molecular Biology; A.G. D'yachkov, et al.
23. Rudified Convolutional Encoders; R. Johannesson.
24. Check Digit Systems Using Anti-symmetric Mappings; R.-H. Schulz.
25. Switching and Perfect Codes; F.I. Solov'eva.
26. On Superimposed Codes; A.J. Han Vinck, S. Martirossian.
27. The MacWilliams Identity for Linear Codes over Galois Rings; Z.-X. Wan.
28. Structure of a Common Knowledge Created by Correlated Observations and Transmission over Helping Channels; V.B. Balakirsky.
29. How to Broadcast Privacy: Secret Coding for Deterministic Broadcast Channels; N. Cai, K.Y. Lam.
30. Additive-Like Instantaneous Block Encipheres; Z. Zhang.
Information Theory
and the Related Fields Data Compression, Entropy Theory, Symbolic
Dynamics, Probability and Statistics.
31. Space Efficient Linear Time Computation of the Burrows and Wheeler-Transformation; S. Kurtz, B. Balkenhol.
32. Sequences Incompressible by SLZ (LZW), yet Fully Compressible by ULZ; L.A. Pierce II, P.C. Shields.
33. Universal Coding of Non-Prefix Context Tree Sources; Y.M. Shtarkov.
34. How Much Can You Win When Your Adversary is Handicapped?; L. Staiger.
35. On Random-Access Data Compaction; F.M.J. Willems, et al.
36. Universal Lossless Coding of Sources with Large and Unbounded Alphabets; E. Yang, Y. Jia.
37. Metric Entropy Conditions for Kernels; B. Carl.
38. On Subshifts and Topological Markov Chains; W. Krieger.
39. Large Deviations Problem for the Shape of a Random Young Diagram with Restrictions; V. Blinovsky.
40. BSC: Testing of Hypotheses with Information Constraints; M.V. Burnashev, et al.
41. The Ahlswede-Daykin Theorem; P.C. Fischburn, L. Shepp.
42. Some Aspects of Random Shapes; H. Ziezold.
43. Decision Support Systems with Multiple Choice Structure; I. Althöfer.
44. Quantum Computers and Quantum Automata; R. Freivalds.
45. Routing in All-Optical Networks; L. Gargano, U. Vaccaro.
46. Proving the Correctness of Processors with Delayed Branch Using Delayed PC; S.M. Mueller, et al.
47. Communication Complexity of Functions on Direct Sums; U. Tamm.
48. Ordering in Sequence Spaces: an Overview; P. Vanroose.
49. Communication Complexity and BDD Lower Bound Techniques; I. Wegener.
50. Reminiscences About Professor Ahlswede And A Last Word By Thomas Mann. 
51. List of Invited Lectures held at the Symposium `Numbers, Information and Complexity' in Bielefeld, October 8-11, 1998. 
52. Bibliography of Publications by Rudolf Ahlswede. Index.