organized by R. Ahlswede, L. Bäumer and C. Deppe

Dezember 12 - Dezember 13, 2002

Participants are:

      Rudolf Ahlswede (University of Bielefeld)

      Harout Aydinian (University of Bielefeld)

      Lars Bäumer (University of Bielefeld)

      Andreas Baltz (University of Kiel)
     - Network Design Problems

      Vladimir Blinovsky (Institute for Information Transmission Problems in Moscow)

      Ning Cai (University of Bielefeld)
     - Communication in the grid-graph

      Ferdinando Cicalese (University of Salerno)
     - Broadcast in message passing in the postal model

      Christian Deppe (University of Bielefeld)

      Peter L. Erdös

      Evgueni Harutunian

      Peter Harremoes (University of Copenhagen)

      Gerold Jaeger (University of Kiel)
     - Numbertheoretical methods for the construction of non-blocking networks

      Marina Kyureghyan (University of Bielefeld)

      Haik Mashurian (University of Bielefeld)

      Anand Srivastav (University of Kiel)
     - Probabilistic methods in Multicast Communication

      Aleksandr Yudin