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The Bielefeld-Paderborn Oberseminar WS 2017 -- Homological Projective Duality

Welcome to the website of the Bielefeld-Paderborn Oberseminar! This term's topic is Kuznetzov's homological projective duality. For more information, please contact the organizers: Eike Lau, Michael Spiess, Jeanine Van Order, Charles Vial, and Thomas Zink.



November 8

C01-148 14:00 Fei Xie
C01-148 15:30 Charles Vial
Semiorthogonal decomposition, saturatedness and Serre functors, Tor and Ext-amplitude (2.2-2.4)


November 29

C01-148 14:00 Eike Lau
Kernel functors, exact cartesian squares, faithful base change theorem (2.5-2.7)
C01-148 15:30 Ma Li
Splitting functors


December 13

C01-148 14:00 TBA
Lefschetz decompositions and examples
C01-148 15:30 TBA
Universal hyperplane section


January 10

C01-148 14:00 Fei Xie
Homological projective duality main theorem
C01-148 15:30 Michael Spiess
Properties of homological projective duality


January 24

C01-148 14:00 TBA
Projective bundles
C01-148 15:30 Thomas Zink
Examples of homological projectively dual varieties