MASCOS Workshop on Algebraic Dynamics

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
February 14 - February 18, 2005

Travel Information:

For most participants, it will be best to arrive by air at Sydney Airport, either International (Terminal 1) or Domestic (Terminal 2).

  • How to get to Coogee
    One can catch bus line 400, from bus stop no. 1 in front of terminal 1 (international) or the corresponding stop at terminal 2 (domestic). The direction is "Bondi Junction", one can pay the driver (it is 4.30 AUD from terminal 1; avoid large bills). One has to change at "Randwick Junction". This is the second stop after UNSW main gate; one can ask the driver to announce the stop. Here, change to bus line 372, 373 or X73 (direction: Coogee) on the opposite side of the street. When you come to Coogee, take the stop at the end of the beach, which is closest to the Hotel. Alternatively, one can take a cab directly to the hotel, which will be approximately 30 ... 35 AUD.
  • How to get to the College
    Bus line 400 (direction: Bondi Junction; one can pay the driver) passes by the university.
  • How to get to UNSW from Coogee
    From Coogee Beach, bus 370 runs via the university, which provides an easy way to get there. One can also walk, which takes approx. 30 minutes, back in 20 minutes. For the bus, one needs a ticket for 2 sections. Blue "travelten" tickets for this are sold at most news agents in Coogee. ("blue" travelten tickets cost 12.70 AUD, versus 1.60 AUD single fare.)
  • How to get to the city centre from Coogee
    Buses 372, 373 and 374 run regularly to the city centre and harbour (a ride takes approx. 30 ... 40 minutes; one needs 5 sectors as provided by brown "travelten" tickets; "brown" travelten tickets cost 21.30 AUD). This is also the most convenient access to the Opera House and the Royal Botanical Garden.

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