The University Building

The university is essentially one big building. There is a great hall (like a station or an airport) and there are wings. The different parts of the building are labelled by letters: A room labelled V2-xyz will be in the second floor, and it will be in the V-wing in case x = 2, and on the long corridor near to the V-wing in case x = 1.

Toilets: Off the main hall, in the passages to the wings; always near to the elevators.

Opening hours of the building

The building is open:
    Mo - Fr: 6:00 -  22:00 
    Sa:      8:00 - 18:00

On Saturdays, only the main entrance is open! In order to enter at other times, one has to show the library card ("Bibliotheksausweis") at the main entrance.

The main hall

It houses and, in between, there are (slightly hidden) the entrances to the lecture halls (they are labelled H1 to H16).


The Faculty of Mathematics is located mostly in part V. There, you will find:

The Library

The library is located on the first floor, in the whole building, the mathematics books and journals can be found in part V1. You can enter the library from the main hall (part U), where you have to use the stairs to the first floor.

Opening hours:

   Mo - Fr:  8:00 -  1:00  am
   Sa, So:   9:00 - 22:00 
There is an additional entrance in part V, near to the Mathematics wing. This entrance is open only Mo - Fr 9:00 - 16:00.

All books can be approached directly. There are plenty of seats and tables in the library. Please return the books to the shelves.

In order to borrow books one needs a special permit ("Bibilotheksausweis").

Here is the link to the university library - you may use it in order to find out whether books are available:

Access to Computers

The general computer room of the Faculty is U5-139.

For long term visitors, individual accounts will be provided on request.

For major conferences at Bielefeld, there will be a special conference account which allows the participants to login at their home account via telnet. Please contact the local organizer.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops on the Campus



Note that smoking is not allowed inside the university building.
last modified on 5 Sep 2008