Between Order and Disorder

September 25-27, 2002, University of Greifswald



The main aim is to bring together researchers from the DFG priority programs "Interagierende Stochastische Systeme hoher Komplexität" and "Quasicrystals" as well as international experts in an atmosphere that triggers collaboration and fruitful discussions. The unifying theme is the influence of disorder in mathematical models, be it rather weak, as in quasicrystals, or strong, as in typical random models.


This workshop will take place September 25-27, 2002, at the University of Greifswald, in the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahnstraße 15a. Here is some information how to get there.

List of participants

Mario Helm Dresden Wednesday Saturday
Ted Janssen Nijmegen (Netherlands) Wednesday Saturday
Gerald Kasner Magdeburg Wednesday Saturday
Johannes Kellendonk Cardiff (UK) Wednesday Friday
Steffen Klassert Chemnitz Wednesday Saturday
*Markus Klein Potsdam Wednesday Saturday
Vadim Kostrykin Aachen Wednesday
Hajo Leschke Erlangen Wednesday Saturday
Bernd Metzger Chemnitz Wednesday Saturday
Peter Müller Göttingen Wednesday Saturday
Peter Pleasants Brisbane (Australia) Tuesday
(long term stay)
Olaf Post Aachen Wednesday
Hermann Schulz-Baldes TU Berlin Wednesday Saturday
Ivan Veselic Pasadena (USA) Tuesday Saturday
Simone Warzel Erlangen Wednesday Saturday
Alexandra Weichlein Erlangen Wednesday Saturday

* to be confirmed


The program can be found here.


Information about the accommodation can be found here (last changed 24.09.2002).


In case you want to participate please send an e-mail to Michael Baake ( that contains arrival and departure dates (and if you want to propose a contribution the title and a short abstract). Let us emphasize that we will schedule only a very small number of talks in order to leave enough time for discussions.

We hope to be able to cover lodging as well as part of the travel expenses.

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