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Travel planner from the German railway company "Die Bahn"

Timetables/fares from the competitor "InterConnex" (in German)

Travel planner from the Berlin local traffic company

Timetables/fares from the Greifswald bus company (in German)

Buses in Greifswald

Single tickets for the bus in Greifswald are sold by the driver (1.30 Euro). At the desk across from the main train station or at the tourist office in the town-hall at the market place, you can buy cheaper tickets, e.g. 8 trips for 7.70 Euro or a one-week-ticket for 8.70 Euro.


The Alfried-Krupp-Kolleg is located roughly between the cathedral (Dom St. Nikolai) and the town-hall (Rathaus). Its entrance is opposite to the east side of the cathedral. Here is a map (in German - click on "Behörden & öfftl. Einrichtungen" / "Alfried-Krupp-Kolleg"). From here, the Hotel Caruso is only a few steps to the east along the Domstraße.

A map of the entire town can be found here (487kB). The location of the student apartments is marked "Wohnheim".

How to get to the Parkhotel

The entrance of the Parkhotel is located at the Karl-Liebknecht-Ring. The nearest bus stop (unfortunately not served from the main train station) is "Medigreif" right next to the hotel. But also "Makarenkostraße" is within close walking distance.

From the main train station (Greifswald Hbf), you may take a taxi (about 8 Euro) to the Parkhotel. Otherwise, take bus number 4 and get off at "Makarenkostraße". From the bus stop, go to the crossing of the Makarenkostraße and the Karl-Liebknecht-Ring, turn right and follow the street until the Parkhotel appears on the right after 200m.

How to get to the student apartments

From the main train station, you may take bus number 4 and get off at the stop "Wohnheim". The guest apartments are located in the Makarenkostraße 48B, which is the rightmost entrance of the building depicted on this website.

If you were too late for the reception desk, you can get the key from me (Ulrich Hermisson): Please dial the intercom code 689 at the entrance Makarenkostraße 52A. My telephone number is 877689 within Greifswald and 689 without charge from within the guest apartments.