Workshop on Spectral Theory of Aperiodic Systems

Heinrich-Fabri-Institut, Blaubeuren, Germany
21. - 27. June 2015

The Heinrich-Fabri-Institute is within walking distance from the Blaubeuren train station – see this map.
Blaubeuren is close to Ulm, from where fast train connections to the major cities are available.

Conference Photo:


  Michael Baake Bielefeld University, Germany
  Latham Boyle Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  Lax Chan Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
  Dirk Frettlöh Bielefeld University, Germany
  Franz Gähler Bielefeld University, Germany
  Uwe Grimm Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
  Christian Huck Bielefeld University, Germany
  Tobias Jakobi Bielefeld University, Germany
  Holger Kösters Bielefeld University, Germany
  Daniel Lenz University of Jena, Germany
  Christian Oertel TU Dresden, Germany
  Christoph Richard Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
  Johannes Roth Stuttgart University, Germany
  Daniel Sell University of Jena, Germany
  Timo Spindeler Bielefeld University, Germany
  Siamak Taati Leiden University, The Netherlands
  Venta Terauds Bielefeld University, Germany


  Monday 10:30 D. Lenz Diffraction of point sets I
16:00 T. Spindeler Diffraction of random noble means substitutions
17:00 H. Kösters Diffraction of random point sets I
  Tuesday 09:15 D. Lenz Diffraction of point sets II
11:00 V. Terauds Diffraction of tempered distributions
16:00 M. Baake The Tue-Morse measure
17:15 F. Gähler The twisted silver mean chain
  Wednesday 09:00 L. Boyle Tilings & Physics
10:15 S. Taati Quasicrystal phases in lattice gas models
11:30 J. Roth Sevenfold quasicrystals
14:00 Excursion
  Thursday 09:15 C. Huck Spectral properties of visible lattice points
10:00 C. Oertel Cut and project sets with positive entropy
11:15 C. Richard Weak model sets
16:00 H. Kösters Diffraction of random point sets II
17:30 D. Lenz Diffraction of point sets III
  Friday 09:15 D. Lenz Modulated structures and almost periodicity
11:00 D. Frettlöh Symbolic substitution as automorphisms of free groups
15:30 U. Grimm Scaling properties of the Thue-Morse measure
16:30 D. Sell Subshifts, groupoids, and isomorphisms
17:00 T. Jakobi Fingerprints of order via radial projection


  Michael Baake
  Franz Gähler
  Uwe Grimm
  Christian Huck


   Sonderforschungsbereich 701 / Collaborative Research Centre 701 of the DFG.

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