15 (2010)

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34.	Shun Tang
	A Lefschetz Fixed Point Formula
	for Singular Arithmetic Schemes
	with Smooth Generic Fibres
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 1049--1108
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 100k, dvi 325k, ps.gz 442k, pdf 495k

33.	Alejandro Adem and Zinovy Reichstein 
	Bundles, Cohomology 
	and Truncated Symmetric Polynomials
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 1029--1047
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  34k, dvi  88k, ps.gz 315k, pdf 207k

32.	Ulrich Görtz, Xuhua He
	Dimensions of Affine Deligne-Lusztig Varieties
	in Affine Flag Varieties
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 1009--1028
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  56k, dvi 251k, ps.gz 323k, pdf 254k

31.	Jared Weinstein
	Good Reduction of Affinoids
	on the Lubin-Tate Tower
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 981--1007
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  59k, dvi 186k, ps.gz 423k, pdf 315k

30.	Douglas S. Bridges
	Inheriting the Anti-Specker Property
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 973--980
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  14k, dvi  30k, ps.gz 239k, pdf 106k

29.	Jason Starr and Johan de Jong
	Almost Proper GIT-Stacks 
	and Discriminant Avoidance
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 957--972
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  40k, dvi 106k, ps.gz 332k, pdf 221k

28.	Wojciech Mlotkowski
	Fuss-Catalan Numbers
	 in Noncommutative Probability
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 939--955
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  29k, dvi  70k, ps.gz 291k, pdf 175k

27.	Gerasimos Dousmanis
	On Reductions of Families
	of Crystalline Galois Representations
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 873--938
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 146k, dvi 529k, ps.gz 631k, pdf 667k

26.	Yuri Prokhorov
	 Q-Fano Threefolds of Large Fano Index, I
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 843--872
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 102k, dvi 276k, ps.gz 423k, pdf 334k

25.	Jaroslaw Buczynski 
	Duality and Integrability 
	on Contact Fano Manifolds
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 821--841
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  39k, dvi  86k, ps.gz 381k, pdf 231k

24.	Ben Moonen
	Special Subvarieties Arising from Families 
	of Cyclic Covers of the Projective Line
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 793--819
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  55k, dvi 127k, ps.gz 811k, pdf 278k

23.	Michael A. Mandell
	An Inverse $K$-Theory Functor
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 765--791
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  55k, dvi 137k, ps.gz 799k, pdf 264k

22.	Gerard van der Geer and Alexis Kouvidakis
	The Rank-One Limit of the Fourier-Mukai Transform
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 747--763
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  42k, dvi 110k, ps.gz 711k, pdf 198k

21.	C. Bacuta, A. L. Mazzucato, V. Nistor, L. Zikatanov
	Interface and mixed boundary value problems 
	on $n$-dimensional polyhedral domains
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 687--745
	Abstract 4k, dvi.gz 115k, dvi 276k, ps.gz 946k, pdf 518k

20.	Amir Dzambic
	Arithmetic of a fake projective plane 
	and related elliptic surfaces
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 671--686
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  35k, dvi  77k, ps.gz 832k, pdf 197k

19.	Claus M. Sorensen
	Galois Representations Attached to 
	Hilbert-Siegel Modular Forms 
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 623--670
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  95k, dvi 216k, ps.gz 1139k, pdf 445k

18.	Miroslav Englis, Genkai Zhang
	Hankel Operators and the Dixmier Trace
	on Strictly Pseudoconvex Domains
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 601--622
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  43k, dvi 102k, ps.gz 1061k, pdf 246k

17.	Adrian Vasiu and Thomas Zink
	Purity Results for $p$-Divisible Groups 
	and Abelian Schemes over Regular Bases 
	of Mixed  Characteristic 
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 571--599
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  58k, dvi 137k, ps.gz 902k, pdf 301k

16.	Eike Lau
	Frames and Finite Group Schemes over 
	Complete Regular Local Rings
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 545--569
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  52k, dvi 120k, ps.gz 900k, pdf 263k

15.	Feng-Yu Wang
	Semigroup Properties 
	for the Second Fundamental Form
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 527--543
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  27k, dvi  74k, ps.gz 885k, pdf 171k

14.	Jan Stovicek 
	Locally Well Generated 
	Homotopy Categories of Complexes
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 507--525
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  37k, dvi  83k, ps.gz 639k, pdf 196k

13.	Goro Shimura
	The Critical Values of Generalizations 
	of the  Hurwitz Zeta Function
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 489--506
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  36k, dvi  81k, ps.gz 643k, pdf 196k

12.	Jochen Heinloth, Alexander H. W. Schmitt
	The Cohomology Rings of Moduli Stacks 
	of Principal Bundles over Curves
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 423--488
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 131k, dvi 335k, ps.gz 936k, pdf 624k

11.	Jean-Yves Charbonnel and Anne Moreau
	The Index of Centralizers of
	Elements of Reductive Lie  Algebras
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 387--421
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  61k, dvi 152k, ps.gz 825k, pdf 305k

10.	Takashi Yoshinaga
	On the Solutions 
	of Quadratic Diophantine Equations
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 347--385
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  65k, dvi 173k, ps.gz 650k, pdf 316k

9.	Anna Dall'Acqua and Jan Philip Solovej
	Excess Charge for Pseudo-Relativistic Atoms
	in Hartree-Fock Theory
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 285--345
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 114k, dvi 451k, ps.gz 823k, pdf 628k

8.	Liangbing Jin, Yongming Liu, and Yong Zhou
	Blow-up of Solutions to a Periodic
	Nonlinear Dispersive Rod Equation
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 267--283
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  26k, dvi  60k, ps.gz 521k, pdf 156k

7.	A. Ballester-Bolinches, J. C. Beidleman, 
	H. Heineken and M. C. Pedraza-Aguilera 
	Local Classes and Pairwise Mutually 
	Permutable Products of Finite  Groups
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 255--265
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  21k, dvi  50k, ps.gz 420k, pdf 121k

6.	Zen Harper
	Laplace Transform Representations
	and Paley--Wiener Theorems
	for Functions on Vertical Strips 
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 235--254
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  39k, dvi  85k, ps.gz 533k, pdf 193k

5.	Oliver Matte
	On Higher Order Estimates 
	in Quantum Electrodynamics	
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 207--234
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  57k, dvi 156k, ps.gz 742k, pdf 288k

4.	Vanessa Miemietz and Will Turner
	Hicas of Length <= 4
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010) 177--205
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  80k, dvi 249k, ps.gz 742k, pdf 298k

3.	José I. Burgos Gil and  Razvan Litcanu
	Singular Bott-Chern Classes 
	and the Arithmetic Grothendieck
	Riemann Roch Theorem for Closed Immersions
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010)  73--176
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz 189k, dvi 702k, ps.gz 1132k, pdf 900k

2.	Indranil Biswas and Norbert Hoffmann
	The Line Bundles on Moduli Stacks 
	of Principal Bundles on a Curve 
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010)   35--72
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  81k, dvi 200k, ps.gz 995k, pdf 380k

1.	Jianqiang Zhao
	Standard Relations of Multiple Polylogarithm
	Values at Roots of Unity
	Documenta Math. 15 (2010)    1--34
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  59k, dvi 159k, ps.gz 986k, pdf 300k

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