18 (2013)

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50.	Julian Kellerhals, Nicolas Monod, and Mikael Rørdam
	Non-Supramenable Groups
	 Acting on Locally Compact Spaces 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1597--1626
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  66k, dvi 206k, ps.gz 348k, pdf 339k

49.	W. Mlotkowski, K. A. Penson, K. Zyczkowski
	Densities of the Raney Distributions
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1573--1596
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  33k, dvi  85k, ps.gz 560k, pdf 446k

48.	Olivier Haution
	Invariants of Upper Motives
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1555--1572
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  43k, dvi 142k, ps.gz 293k, pdf 234k

47.	Charles Vial
	Algebraic Cycles and Fibrations
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1521--1553
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  78k, dvi 250k, ps.gz 416k, pdf 374k

46.	Volker Bach, Sébastien Breteaux,  Tim Tzaneteas 
	Minimization of the Energy of the Nonrelativistic  
	One-Electron Pauli-Fierz Model over Quasifree  States 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1481--1519
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  77k, dvi 285k, ps.gz 363k, pdf 363k

45.	Indranil Biswas and Viktoria Heu 
	Holomorphic Connections 
	on Filtered Bundles over Curves 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1473--1480
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  16k, dvi  51k, ps.gz 213k, pdf 110k

44.	Indranil Biswas and S. Senthamarai Kannan 
	Stability of the Tangent Bundle of the 
	Wonderful Compactification of an Adjoint Group 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1465--1472
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  18k, dvi  52k, ps.gz 233k, pdf 119k

43.	Siddarth Sankaran
	Unitary Cycles on Shimura Curves 
	and the Shimura Lift I
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1403--1464
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 121k, dvi 403k, ps.gz 570k, pdf 600k

42.	M. Brannan
	Reduced Operator Algebras of 
	Trace-Preserving Quantum Automorphism Groups
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1349--1402
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 105k, dvi 285k, ps.gz 441k, pdf 455k

41.	Estanislao Herscovich
	On the Multi-Koszul Property 
	for Connected Algebras
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1301--1347
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  99k, dvi 344k, ps.gz 396k, pdf 499k

40.	Masoud Kamgarpour and Travis Schedler
	Ramified Satake Isomorphisms 
	for Strongly Parabolic Characters
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1275--1300
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  65k, dvi 219k, ps.gz 494k, pdf 345k

39.	Kazunori Noguchi
	The Zeta Function of a Finite Category
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1243--1274
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  58k, dvi 205k, ps.gz 326k, pdf 289k

38.	Lars Kindler
	Evidence for a Generalization 
	of Gieseker's Conjecture on Stratified Bundles 
	in Positive Characteristic
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1215--1242
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  57k, dvi 142k, ps.gz 357k, pdf 291k

37.	Nadir Matringe
	Essential Whittaker Functions for GL(n)
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1191--1214
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  51k, dvi 163k, ps.gz 353k, pdf 285k

36.	Indranil Biswas, Tomás L. Gómez, and Norbert Hoffmann 
	Torelli Theorem for the
	Deligne--Hitchin Moduli Space, II 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1177--1189
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  26k, dvi  84k, ps.gz 263k, pdf 171k

35.	P. P. Varjú
	Random Walks in Compact Groups
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1137--1175
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  74k, dvi 278k, ps.gz 377k, pdf 389k

34.	I. Bauer and  F. Catanese
	Burniat Surfaces III: Deformations of 
	Automorphisms and Extended Burniat Surfaces 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1089--1136
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  84k, dvi 313k, ps.gz 412k, pdf 407k

33.	Ian Agol
	The Virtual Haken Conjecture
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1045--1087
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 104k, dvi 346k, ps.gz 2141k, pdf 882k

32.	Bjorn Poonen
	Extending Self-Maps 
	to Projective Space over Finite Fields
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 1039--1044
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  13k, dvi  25k, ps.gz 192k, pdf  94k

31.	Shu Sasaki
	On Artin Representations 
	and Nearly Ordinary Hecke Algebras 
	over Totally Real Fields
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 997--1038
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  76k, dvi 207k, ps.gz 544k, pdf 419k

30.	Alexandru Buium
	p-Jets of Finite Algebras, II:
	 p-Typical Witt Rings 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 971--996
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  49k, dvi 125k, ps.gz 380k, pdf 272k

29.	Alexandru Buium 
	p-Jets of Finite Algebras, I:
	p-Divisible Groups 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 943--969
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  49k, dvi 124k, ps.gz 362k, pdf 261k

28.	Marc Levine
	Convergence of Voevodsky's Slice Tower
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 907--941
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  81k, dvi 244k, ps.gz 640k, pdf 430k

27.	Tom Leinster
	The Magnitude of Metric Spaces
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 857--905
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  97k, dvi 352k, ps.gz 460k, pdf 499k

26.	Jan Möllers
	A Geometric Quantization of the 
	Kostant--Sekiguchi Correspondence for Scalar Type 
	Unitary Highest Weight Representations
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 785--855
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz 134k, dvi 470k, ps.gz 508k, pdf 645k

25.	Reza Taleb
	An Equivariant Main Conjecture in Iwasawa Theory
	and the Coates-Sinnott Conjecture
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 749--783
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  56k, dvi 146k, ps.gz 308k, pdf 310k

24.	Vladimir Dotsenko and Anton Khoroshkin
	Quillen Homology for Operads via Gröbner Bases
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 707--747
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  83k, dvi 288k, ps.gz 201k, pdf 378k

23.	B. Pasquier and N. Perrin
	Elliptic Curves on Some Homogeneous Spaces
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 679--706
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  54k, dvi 142k, ps.gz 401k, pdf 285k

22.	Meng Fai Lim and Romyar T. Sharifi
	Nekovár Duality over p-Adic Lie Extensions 
	of Global Fields
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 621--678
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz 108k, dvi 355k, ps.gz 543k, pdf 553k

21.	Victor Abrashkin
	Projective Varieties 
	with Bad Semi-stable Reduction at 3 Only
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 547--619
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 162k, dvi 429k, ps.gz 572k, pdf 654k

20.	Stéphane Garnier and Tilmann Wurzbacher
	Integration of Vector Fields on Smooth 
	and Holomorphic Supermanifolds
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 519--545
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  55k, dvi 179k, ps.gz 530k, pdf 372k

19.	D. Huybrechts and M. Kemeny
	Stable Maps and Chow Groups 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 507--517
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  83k, dvi 255k, ps.gz 325k, pdf 209k

18.	Kristian Ranestad and Frank-Olaf Schreyer
	The Variety of Polar Simplices 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 469--505
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  78k, dvi 254k, ps.gz 426k, pdf 378k

17.	Vladimir Chernousov, Alberto Elduque,
	Max-Albert Knus, and Jean-Pierre Tignol
	Algebraic Groups of Type D_4, Triality,
	and Composition Algebras
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 413--468
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 117k, dvi 289k, ps.gz 536k, pdf 521k

16.	François Brunault
	On Zagier's Conjecture for
	Base Changes of Elliptic Curves
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 395--412
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  46k, dvi 145k, ps.gz 429k, pdf 257k

15.	E. Bayer--Fluckiger and R. Parimala
	Erratum for
	«Galois Algebras, Hasse Principle,
	and Induction--Restriction Methods»
	cf. Documenta Math. 16 (2011), 677--707
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 393--394
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz   3k, dvi   4k, ps.gz 121k, pdf  40k

14.	Eva Bayer--Fluckiger, Nivedita Bhaskhar, 
	and Raman Parimala
	Hasse Principle for G-Quadratic Forms
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 383--392
	Abstract 1k, dvi.gz  19k, dvi  43k, ps.gz 217k, pdf 120k

13.	Danny Neftin and Uzi Vishne
	Realizability and Admissibility 
	under Extension of p-Adic and Number Fields 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 359--382
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  50k, dvi 119k, ps.gz 372k, pdf 273k

12.	Walid Abou Salem, Thomas Chen, and Vitali Vougalter 
	On the Generalized Semi-Relativistic 
	Schrödinger-Poisson System in R^n
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 343--357
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  22k, dvi  61k, ps.gz 260k, pdf 156k

11.	Dragos Oprea
	Framed Sheaves over Treefolds 
	and Symmetric Obstruction Theories
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 323--342
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  27k, dvi  65k, ps.gz 330k, pdf 185k

10.	Feng-Yu Wang
	Transportation-Cost Inequalities 
	on Path Space over Manifolds with Boundary
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 297--322
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  46k, dvi 172k, ps.gz 378k, pdf 274k

9.	J. Kampf and M. Kiderlen
	Large Parallel Volumes of Finite 
	and Compact Sets  in d-Dimensional  Euclidean Space
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 275--295
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  36k, dvi  88k, ps.gz 306k, pdf 208k

8.	Christof Geiß, Bernard Leclerc, and Jan Schröer
	Factorial Cluster Algebras
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 249--274
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  49k, dvi 172k, ps.gz 327k, pdf 269k

7.	K. Sato
	Cycle Classes for p-Adic Étale Tate Twists 
	and the Image of p-Adic Regulators
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 177--247
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 134k, dvi 369k, ps.gz 595k, pdf 614k

6.	Brian Osserman and Sam Payne
	Lifting Tropical Intersections
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 121--175
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 118k, dvi 389k, ps.gz 1103k, pdf 1501k

5.	Indranil Biswas
	A Criterion for Flatness of Sections 
	of Adjoint Bundle of a Holomorphic Principal Bundle 
	over a Riemann Surface 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013) 111--120
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  20k, dvi  59k, ps.gz 218k, pdf 128k

4.	André Joyal and Joachim Kock
	Coherence for Weak Units
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013)  71--110
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  76k, dvi 280k, ps.gz 463k, pdf 340k

3.	Pablo Pelaez
	Birational Motivic Homotopy Theories 
	and the Slice Filtration
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013)   51--70
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  36k, dvi  95k, ps.gz 276k, pdf 199k

2.	Hélène Esnault, Adrian Langer
	On a Positive Equicharacteristic 
	Variant of the p-Curvature Conjecture 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013)   23--50
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  83k, dvi 251k, ps.gz 227k, pdf 296k

1.	Matteo Longo, Marc-Hubert Nicole
	The Lambda-Adic 
	Shimura-Shintani-Waldspurger Correspondence 
	Documenta Math. 18 (2013)    1--21
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  48k, dvi 148k, ps.gz 379k, pdf 270k

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