22 (2017)

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53.	Nina Friedrich
	Homological Stability of Automorphism Groups
	of Quadratic Modules and Manifolds 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1729--1774
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  89k, dvi 241k, ps.gz 438k, pdf 429k

52.	Sylvain Golénia and Françoise Truc
	The  Magnetic Laplacian Acting on Discrete Cusps
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1709--1727
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  43k, dvi 142k, ps.gz 286k, pdf 202k

51.	Z. Izhakian and  M. Knebusch
	Basic Operations on Supertropical Quadratic Forms
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1661--1707
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz 101k, dvi 330k, ps.gz 428k, pdf 500k

50.	Emmanuel Peyre
	Liberté et accumulation
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1615--1659
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  93k, dvi 231k, ps.gz 480k, pdf 433k

49.	Hailong Dao, William T. Sanders
	Cohomological Support and the Geometric Join
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1593--1614
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  38k, dvi  94k, ps.gz 297k, pdf 210k

48.	Mantoiu and Ruzhansky 
	Pseudo-Differential Operators, Wigner Transform
	and Weyl Systems on Type I Locally Compact Groups
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1539--1592
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 100k, dvi 257k, ps.gz 456k, pdf 479k

47.	Ian Le and Evan O'Dorney
	Geometry of Positive Configurations
	in Affine Buildings
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1519--1538
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  35k, dvi  91k, ps.gz 273k, pdf 193k

46.	Shouhei Ma
	Torsion 1-cycles and the coniveau spectral sequence
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1501--1517
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  30k, dvi  82k, ps.gz 156k, pdf 154k

45.	Jeanine Van Order
	p-Adic Interpolation of Automorphic Periods for GL2
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1467--1499
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  69k, dvi 168k, ps.gz 401k, pdf 348k

44.	Ralf Meyer
	Representations of *-Algebras
	by Unbounded Operators:
	C*-Hulls, Local--Global Principle, and Induction
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1375--1466
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 234k, dvi 746k, ps.gz 735k, pdf 1036k

43.	Mattia Galeotti
	Singularities of Moduli of Curves
	with a Universal Root
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1337--1373
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 145k, dvi 407k, ps.gz 409k, pdf 439k

42.	Imre Bárány and Christoph Thäle
	Intrinsic Volumes and Gaussian Polytopes:
	The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1323--1335
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  26k, dvi  63k, ps.gz 386k, pdf 261k

41.	Baptiste Morin
	Milne's Correcting Factor
	and Derived De Rham Cohomology II
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1303--1321
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  32k, dvi  84k, ps.gz 343k, pdf 208k

40.	Alex Küronya, Victor Lozovanu
	Positivity of Line Bundles
	and Newton-Okounkov Bodies
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1285--1302
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  42k, dvi 161k, ps.gz 213k, pdf 228k

39.	Yannick Bonthonneau
	The Theta Function and the Weyl Law
	on Manifolds Without Conjugate Points
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1275--1283
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  19k, dvi  55k, ps.gz 250k, pdf 137k

38.	Dirk Hundertmark, Young-Ran Lee
	Why do Solutions of the
	Maxwell--Boltzmann Equation Tend to  be Gaussians?
	A Simple Answer
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1267--1273
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  16k, dvi  44k, ps.gz 228k, pdf 121k

37.	David Gepner, Rune Haugseng, Thomas Nikolaus
	Lax Colimits and Free Fibrations in infty-Categories
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1225--1266
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  95k, dvi 404k, ps.gz 460k, pdf 454k

36.	Goulnara N. Arzhantseva, Christopher H. Cashen,
	Dominik Gruber, and David Hume
	Characterizations of Morse Quasi-Geodesics via
	Superlinear Divergence and Sublinear Contraction
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1193--1224
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  69k, dvi 240k, ps.gz 466k, pdf 384k

35.	Indranil Biswas and Tomás L. Gómez
	Automorphisms of a Symmetric Product of a Curve
	(with an Appendix by Najmuddin Fakhruddin)
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1181--1192
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  29k, dvi  82k, ps.gz 280k, pdf 173k

34.	Laurent Clozel
	Sur l'induction automorphe pour des p--extensions 
	radicielles et quelques autres opérations fonctorielles 
	(mod p) 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1149--1180
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  66k, dvi 152k, ps.gz 478k, pdf 352k

33.	Sanghoon Baek, Rostislav Devyatov, Kirill Zainoulline
	The K-Theory of Versal Flags
	and Cohomological Invariants of Degree 3
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1117--1148
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  71k, dvi 232k, ps.gz 431k, pdf 377k

32.	Miroslav Englis, Genkai Zhang
	Toeplitz Operators on Higher Cauchy-Riemann Spaces
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1081--1116
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  70k, dvi 181k, ps.gz 400k, pdf 336k

31.	Piazza, Fiorentino, Grushevsky, Perna, Manni
	Vector-Valued Modular Forms and the Gauss Map
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1063--1080
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  36k, dvi  81k, ps.gz 292k, pdf 204k

30.	Johan Steen and Greg Stevenson
	Enrichment and Representability
	for Triangulated Categories
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 1031--1062
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  65k, dvi 289k, ps.gz 362k, pdf 295k

29.	Laurent Berger and Lionel Fourquaux
	Iwasawa Theory and F-Analytic
	Lubin-Tate (\varphi,\Gamma)-Modules
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 999--1030
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  65k, dvi 170k, ps.gz 427k, pdf 328k

28.	Ido Efrat
	The Cohomology of Canonical Quotients
	of Free Groups and Lyndon Words 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 973--997
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  51k, dvi 121k, ps.gz 341k, pdf 262k

27.	Pavol Severa and Fridrich Valach
	Lie Groups in Quasi-Poisson Geometry 
	and Braided Hopf Algebras
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 953--972
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  45k, dvi 158k, ps.gz 321k, pdf 212k

26.	Yuri Yatagawa
	Equality of Two Non-Logarithmic Ramification
	Filtrations of Abelianized Galois Group
	in Positive Characteristic
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 917--952
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  78k, dvi 210k, ps.gz 358k, pdf 341k

25.	Kengo Matsumoto
	Topological Conjugacy of Topological Markov Shifts  
	and Cuntz--Krieger Algebras
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 873--915
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  74k, dvi 229k, ps.gz 371k, pdf 358k

24.	Gunther Cornelissen and Valentijn Karemaker
	Hecke Algebra Isomorphisms and
	Adelic Points on Algebraic Groups
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 851--871
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  42k, dvi  98k, ps.gz 333k, pdf 237k

23.	Paul F. Baum, Kenny De Commer, Piotr M. Hajac
	Free Actions of Compact Quantum Groups 
	on Unital C*-Algebras 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 825--849
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  44k, dvi 113k, ps.gz 317k, pdf 236k

22.	Stefano Morra
	Sur les Atomes Automorphes de Longueur 2 de GL2(Q_p)
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 777--823
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  97k, dvi 315k, ps.gz 683k, pdf 540k

21.	Thierry Jecko, Aiman Mbarek 
	Limiting Absorption Principle for
	Schrödinger Operators with Oscillating Potentials
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 727--776
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 109k, dvi 291k, ps.gz 395k, pdf 437k

20.	Michel Brion
	Commutative Algebraic Groups up to Isogeny
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 679--725
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  86k, dvi 220k, ps.gz 337k, pdf 381k

19.	Anselm Knebusch, Peter Linnell,  Thomas Schick
	On the Center-Valued Atiyah Conjecture
	for L^2-Betti Numbers
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 659--677
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  39k, dvi  89k, ps.gz 283k, pdf 212k

18.	Arnab Mitra, Omer Offen, Eitan Sayag
	Klyachko Models for Ladder Representations
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 611--657
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 106k, dvi 386k, ps.gz 420k, pdf 543k

17.	Laiachi El Kaoutit, Niels Kowalzig
	Morita Theory for Hopf Algebroids, 
	Principal Bibundles, and Weak Equivalences 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 551--609
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 183k, dvi 603k, ps.gz 402k, pdf 651k

16.	Heer Zhao
	Log Abelian Varieties over a Log Point
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 505--550
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  94k, dvi 357k, ps.gz 413k, pdf 457k

15.	Kristian Ranestad, Claire Voisin
	Variety of Power Sums and Divisors 
	in the Moduli Space of Cubic Fourfolds 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 455--504
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  94k, dvi 244k, ps.gz 396k, pdf 435k

14.	Rasmus Bentmann, Ralf Meyer
	A More General Method
	to  Classify up to Equivariant KK-Equivalence 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 423--454
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  94k, dvi 358k, ps.gz 519k, pdf 435k

13.	T. Gee, F. Herzig, T. Liu, D. Savitt
	Potentially Crystalline Lifts
	of Certain Prescribed Types
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 397--422
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  66k, dvi 208k, ps.gz 391k, pdf 334k

12.	Tom Bachmann
	On the Invertibility of Motives of Affine Quadrics
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 363--395
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  71k, dvi 168k, ps.gz 425k, pdf 348k

11.	Diego Izquierdo
	Variétés Abéliennes sur les Corps
	de Fonctions de Courbes sur des Corps Locaux
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 297--361
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 107k, dvi 310k, ps.gz 637k, pdf 543k

10.	Richard Crew
	Rigidity and Frobenius Structure
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 287--296
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  20k, dvi  45k, ps.gz 216k, pdf 127k

9.	Alberto López Martín, Montserrat Teixidor i Bigas
	Limit Linear Series on Chains of Elliptic Curves
	and Tropical Divisors on Chains of Loops 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 263--286
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  52k, dvi 184k, ps.gz 278k, pdf 332k

8.	Przemyslaw Chojecki, D. Hansen, and C. Johansson
	Overconvergent Modular Forms
	and Perfectoid Shimura Curves
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 191--262
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 162k, dvi 486k, ps.gz 664k, pdf 756k

7.	P. Ebenfelt, B. Lamel, and D. Zaitsev
	Normal Form for Infinite Type Hypersurfaces
	in C^2 with Nonvanishing Levi Form Derivative 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 165--190
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  48k, dvi 120k, ps.gz 356k, pdf 248k

6.	Finnur Lárusson and Tuyen Trung Truong
	Algebraic Subellipticity and Dominability
	of Blow-Ups of Affine Spaces 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 151--163
	Abstract 3k, dvi.gz  26k, dvi  58k, ps.gz 222k, pdf 145k

5.	A.D. Macinic, S. Papadima, C.R. Popescu
	Modular Equalities
	for Complex Reflection Arrangements
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017) 135--150
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  44k, dvi 178k, ps.gz 160k, pdf 247k

4.	Lidia Angeleri Hügel and Dirk Kussin
	Large Tilting Sheaves over Weighted 
	Noncommutative Regular Projective Curves
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017)  67--134
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz 168k, dvi 545k, ps.gz 527k, pdf 715k

3.	Mikhail Bondarko and Gonçalo Tabuada
	Picard Groups, Weight Structures, 
	and (noncommutative) Mixed Motives 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017)   45--66
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  53k, dvi 190k, ps.gz 412k, pdf 311k

2.	Matthias Nagel, Mark Powell
	Concordance Invariance of 
	Levine-Tristram Signatures of Links 
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017)   25--43
	--> Dieses Manuskript enthält Grafik,
	--> die dvi-Datei ist daher unvollständig.
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  43k, dvi 133k, ps.gz 299k, pdf 222k

1.	E. Bayer-Fluckiger and R. Parimala
	Cohomological Invariants for G-Galois Algebras
	and Self-Dual Normal Bases
	Documenta Math. 22 (2017)    1--24
	Abstract 2k, dvi.gz  45k, dvi 114k, ps.gz 265k, pdf 232k

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