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Core Research Areas

Abels, Herbert Groups and Geometry
Baake, Michael Aperiodic Order, Discrete Geometry, Harmonic Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Biology
Banas, Lubomir Numerics for (Stochastic) Partial Differential Equations, Optimal Control, Scientific Computing
Bauer, Stefan Geometry and Topology
Beyn, Wolf-Jürgen Numerical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Partial Differential Equations
Bux, Kai-Uwe Groups and Spaces
Crawley-Boevey, William     Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Diening, Lars Numerical Analysis, Regularity and existence theory of nonlinear PDE, Function spaces
Gentz, Barbara Probability Theory, in particular Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Analysis, Stochastic Dynamics, Applications in Natural Sciences
Gess, Benjamin
Götze, Friedrich Probability Theory, Analytic Number Theory and Mathematical Statistics
Grigorian, Alexander Partial differential equations of elliptic or parabolic type on Riemannian manifolds,  Analysis and random walks on graphs, function theory and Markov processes on fractals
Herr, Sebastian Real Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
Hoffmann, Werner Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis, Automorphic Forms
Hofmanova, Martina                 Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Kaßmann, Moritz Analysis
Kleine, Michael Mathematics Education, Secondary School
Kondratiev, Yuri
Krause, Henning Algebra, Representation Theory, Homological Algebra
Lau, Eike
Lüken, Miriam early mathematical development, development of early structure sense
Peter-Koop, Andrea Mathematics Education, Primary School
Röckner, Michael Probability Theory, in particular Stochastic Analysis, (Stochastic) Partial Differential Equations, Analysis, Potential Theory, Mathematical Physics
Ringel, Claus Michael
Rost, Markus Algebra, Algebraic Geometry
Spieß, Michael
Tiedemann, Kerstin
Vial, Charles
Voll, Christopher Algebra, in particular Group Theory
vom Hofe, Rudolf Mathematics Education, Secondary School
Zink, Thomas