Groups and Geometry

Oberseminar Groups and Geometry

This is our main research seminar. Talks are given both by guests and members of our group.
6 Apr 202214:15 - 15:45V2-205Leonid Monin (MPI Leipzig)Counting of mapping class group orbits and related questions
13 Apr 202214:15 - 15:45V2-210José Pedro QuintanilhaCanonical decompositions and algorithmic recognition of spatial graphs
20 Apr 202214:15 - 15:45V2-210Paul Mücksch (MPI Bonn)On formality for hyperplane arrangements
25 Apr 202214:15 - 15:45T2-208Thomas Gobet (University of Tours)Toric reflection groups
27 Apr 202214:15 - 15:15V2-210Brandon Williams (RWTH Aachen)Free algebras of modular forms on ball quotients
4 May 2022This is a free slot.
11 May 202214:15 - 15:15zoomPooja Singla (IIT Kanpur)A multiplicity one theorem for Whittaker model of $GL_n(O)$
18 May 202214:15 - 15:45V2-210Michael Cuntz (Leibniz Universität Hannover)Higher braidings of diagonal type
25 May 202214:15 - 15:15ZoomJonathan Gruber (EPFL Lausanne)From tensor products to alcove geometry (and back)
1 Jun 2022This is a free slot.
8 Jun 202214:15 - 15:15V2-210Rainer Sinn (Leipzig)Sums of Squares and Projective Geometry
15 Jun 202214:15 - 15:15zoomDiego García Lucas (Universidad de Murcia)A counterexample to the modular isomorphism problem
22 Jun 2022This is a free slot.
29 Jun 2022This is a free slot.
6 Jul 202214:15 - 15:15ZoomIrem Portakal (TU Munich)Geometry of dependency equilibria
13 Jul 2022This is a free slot.