Groups and Geometry

Oberseminar Groups and Geometry

This is our main research seminar. Talks are given both by guests and members of our group.
12 Oct 2022This is a free slot.
19 Oct 202214:15 - 16:00Y-1-201Avi Steiner (Universität Mannheim)"Symmetrizing" logarithmic derivations with respect to matroid duality
26 Oct 2022This is a free slot.
2 Nov 202214:15 - 16:00V5-148Christopher Voll (Bielefeld University)Zeta functions of integral quiver representations
9 Nov 202214:15 - 16:00Y-1-201Georg Loho (University of Twente)Generalized permutahedra and positive flag Dressians
16 Nov 2022This is a free slot.
23 Nov 202214:15 - 16:00Y-1-201Annika Burmester (Hamburg University)Multiple (q-)zeta values and their algebraic structure
30 Nov 2022This is a free slot.
7 Dec 202214:15 - 15:15Y-1-201Elena Tielker (Bielefeld University)Polytopes and Permutations
14 Dec 2022This is a free slot.
21 Dec 202214:15 - 15:00Y-1-201Angela Carnevale (University of Galway)Approximately wild numbers of orbits of unipotent groups
21 Dec 202215:05 - 16:00Y-1-201Tobias Rossmann (University of Galway)Matrices, board games, and orbits
11 Jan 202314:15 - 16:00Y1--201 / zoomYotam Hendel (Lille)Convolutions of polynomial maps, singularities and algebraic random walks on groups
18 Jan 202314:15 - 16:00Y-1-201 / zoomDony Varghese (University of North Alabama)Characteristic Sets of Matroids
25 Jan 202314:15 - 15:10Y-1-201Martin Blufstein (Universidad de Buenos Aires)Parabolic subgroups of two-dimensional Artin groups
1 Feb 2023This is a free slot.