Groups and Geometry

Oberseminar Groups and Geometry

This is our main research seminar. Talks are given both by guests and members of our group.
5 Apr 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Maria Cumplido Cabello Conjugacy stability in Artin groups
12 Apr 2023This is a free slot.
19 Apr 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Markus StroppelAn isomorphism of unitals, and an isomorphism of classical groups
26 Apr 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Daniel Corey (TU Berlin)Degenerations of flag varieties and subdivisions of generalized permutahedra
3 May 2023This is a free slot.
10 May 2023This is a free slot.
17 May 2023This is a free slot.
24 May 2023This is a free slot.
31 May 202314:15 - 16:00H7Kyoji SaitoElliptic arrangements, elliptic Artin group and Elliptic Artin monoid
7 Jun 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Charlene Weiß (Paderborn)(CANCELLED) Codes and Steiner Systems
14 Jun 202314:15 - 16:00H7Artem Dudko (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences)On spectral and related properties of Schreier graphs of the Thompson group F
21 Jun 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Pierpaola Santarsiero and Paul BreidingThe symmetric geometric rank of symmetric tensors & Euclidean Distance Degree and Mixed Volume
28 Jun 202314:15 - 16:00U5-133Anitha Thillaisundaram (Lund)Beauville structures for quotients of infinite Grigorchuk-Gupta-Sidki groups acting on the $p^n$-adic tree
5 Jul 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Emanuele Delucchi (SUPSI)K(\pi,1) abelian arrangements and supersolvable posets
12 Jul 202314:15 - 16:00X-E0-207Geva Yashfe (Hebrew University)Sphere triangulations, Dual Graphs, and Expanders