Groups and Geometry

Tuesday GGT

Every week, the participants present a topic from geometric group theory that they find interesting. This includes articles one recently read, conference lectures one attended and open questions that might be of interest for the group.
1 Oct 201910:15 - 12:00TBAFirst meeting of the semester
8 Oct 201910:15 - 12:00Common roomGeorges NeaimeThe K(π,1) conjecture for Artin groups
15 Oct 201910:15 - 11:45Common roomEduard ScheslerThe Sigma conjecture for solvable S-arithmetic groups via Morse theory on Euclidean buildings.
29 Oct 201910:15 - 11:15Common roomDawid KielakCohomological goodness and some RFRS groups
5 Nov 201910:15 - 11:15Common roomElena TielkerAbout multiset permutations, the genus zeta function and how the Hadamard product might connect them
12 Nov 201910:15 - 11:45Common roomJonas FlechsigBraid groups on orbifolds
19 Nov 201910:15 - 11:45Common roomKai-Uwe BuxApplications of Morse theory
3 Dec 201910:15 - 11:45Common roomXiaolei WuPolyfreeness of Artin groups
14 Jan 202010:15 - 11:15Common roomChristoph HilmesSmall Cancellation in extra large Artin groups
28 Jan 202010:15 - 11:45Common roomChristoph HilmesSmall Cancellation in large Artin groups