Groups and Geometry

Oberseminar Groups and Geometry

This is our (virtual) main research seminar. Talks are given both by guests and members of our group. The meeting ID is 923 9722 5307. For the password, please contact a member of our working group.
4 Nov 2020This is a free slot.
11 Nov 202014:15 - 15:15zoomMatt Zaremsky (University at Albany)Twisted Brin-Thompson groups, and geometric embeddings into simple groups
18 Nov 202014:15 - 15:00zoomViola SiconolfiRicci curvature, graphs and Coxeter groups
25 Nov 202014:15 - 15:15zoomLouis Funar (Institute Fourier, Grenoble)Postponed to 06.01.2021
2 Dec 202014:15 - 15:15zoomColva M. Roney-Dougal (University of St. Andrews)Finite simple groups and hard computational problems
9 Dec 202014:15 - 16:00zoom Nathalie Wahl (University of Copenhagen)Computing the homology of Higman-Thompson groups using homological stability
16 Dec 202014:15 - 16:00zoomMoritz Petschick (HHU Duesseldorf)Generalised Basilica groups
23 Dec 202016:00 - 17:30zoomGiovanni Paolini (Caltech)The $K(\pi,1)$ conjecture for affine Artin groups
6 Jan 202114:15 - 16:00zoomLouis Funar (Institute Fourier, Grenoble)Groups related to mapping class groups of infinite type surfaces
13 Jan 202114:15 - 15:15zoomDamian Sercombe (Bochum)Maximal connected subgroups of maximal rank in reductive $k$-groups
20 Jan 202114:15 - 15:15zoomLuis Paris (Dijon)Poly-freeness of even Artin groups of FC type
27 Jan 202114:15 - 15:15zoomPostponed
3 Feb 202116:15 - 17:15zoomJoel Lewis (Washington DC)The Hurwitz action in complex reflection groups
10 Feb 202114:15 - 15:15zoomPeter Brooksbank (Bucknell University)Tensors and hard computational problems