Groups and Geometry

Oberseminar Groups and Geometry

This is our (virtual) main research seminar. Talks are given both by guests and members of our group. The Meeting-ID is 925 7567 0249. For the password, please contact a member of our working group.
14 Apr 202111:00 - 12:45zoomJavier Aramayona (Instituto de Ciencias Matemática)Injective homomorphisms between big mapping class groups
21 Apr 2021This is a free slot.
28 Apr 202114:15 - 15:15zoomChristopher Voll (Bielefeld)Flag Hilbert-Poincaré series and Igusa zeta functions of hyperplane arrangements
5 May 202114:15 - 15:15zoomJeremy Usatine (Brown University)Stringy invariants and toric Artin stacks
12 May 202114:15 - 15:15zoomRobin van der Veer (KU Leuven)Combinatorial analogs of topological zeta functions
19 May 202114:15 - 15:15zoomHolger Kammeyer (KIT)On the profinite rigidity of higher rank lattices
26 May 202114:15 - 15:15zoomGareth Tracey (Oxford)Primitive amalgams and the Goldschmidt–Sims conjecture
2 Jun 202114:15 - 15:15zoomLvzhou Chen (UT Austin)Big mapping class groups and rigidity of the simple circle
9 Jun 202116:00 - 17:30zoomRose Morris-Wright (UCLA)What geometry can tell us about Artin Monoids
16 Jun 2021This is a free slot.
23 Jun 202114:15 - 15:15zoomYash Lodha (Korea institute for advanced study)Some new constructions of left orderable groups
30 Jun 202114:15 - 15:15zoomRaman Sanyal (Goethe-Uni Frankfurt)Inscribable polytopes, normal deformations, and reflection groupoids
7 Jul 202114:15 - 15:15zoomThomas Gobet (University of Tours)Torus knot groups, Garside groups, complex reflection groups
14 Jul 202114:15 - 15:15zoomEllen Henke (TU Dresden)Fusion systems, linking systems and localities
23 Jul 202114:15 - 15:15zoom‪Collin Bleak‬ (University of St Andrews) (Special time)On the complexity of elementary amenable subgroups of R. Thompson's group $F$