Groups and Geometry

Oberseminar Groups and Geometry

This is our main research seminar. Talks are given both by guests and members of our group.

We will run our seminar in a hybrid format. You can either join us in room U2-135 or on Zoom (ID: 967 5722 2699). For the meeting password please contact a member of our working group. If you join us on the campus, please mind the $\href{}{\textbf{3G-Regel}}$.

13 Oct 2021This is a free slot.
20 Oct 2021This is a free slot.
27 Oct 202114:15 - 15:15ZoomIlaria CastellanoAutomorphism groups of regular trees: from the Euler-Poincaré characteristic to the double coset zeta-functions
3 Nov 2021This is a free slot.
10 Nov 202114:15 - 15:15ZoomJacob Landgraf (Notre Dame)Cutting and Pasting in the Torelli subgroup of $Out(F_n)$
17 Nov 202114:15 - 15:15Zoom Tara Brendle (Glasgow)The mapping class group of connect sums of $S^2\times S^1$
24 Nov 202114:15 - 16:00U2-135Lukas Kühne (Bielefeld)Matroids and algebra
1 Dec 202114:15 - 15:15ZoomMireille Soergel (Dijon)Systolic complexes and group presentations
8 Dec 202114:15 - 15:15U2-135Joshua Maglione (Bielefeld)Geometry of flag Hilbert–Poincaré series
15 Dec 202114:15 - 15:15ZoomMax Kutler (Ohio State)Motivic and topological zeta functions of matroids
22 Dec 202114:15 - 15:15ZoomAlex Evetts (Manchester)Conjugacy growth in nilpotent groups
5 Jan 2022This is a free slot.
12 Jan 202214:15 - 15:15ZoomAnneleen De Schepper (Ghent)$F_4$ in $E_7$
17 Jan 202214:15 - 15:15ZoomKarthika Rajeev (HHU Düsseldorf)Representation growth of Grigorchuk-Gupta-Sidki groups (GGS-groups)
26 Jan 202214:15 - 15:15ZoomConchita Martínez-Pérez (University of Zaragoza)On the Sigma-invariants for even Artin groups of FC-type
2 Feb 202214:15 - 15:15ZoomTim Burness (Bristol)The soluble graph of a finite group