Ivo Dell'Ambrogio


(last change: 23 August 2012)

I am a postdoc at the Bielefeld Representation Theory Group (BIREP) with Professor Henning Krause at Bielefeld University. Starting September 2012, I will be a Maître de Conférences within the Geometry and Topology group at the Laboratoire Paul Painlevé in Lille.

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My research interests include topics in triangulated categories, model categories, K-theory, C*-algebras, Mackey functors.

Publications and preprints

The titles are linked to the corresponding ArXiv page.

  1. Even more spectra: tensor triangular comparison maps via graded commutative 2-rings (with Greg Stevenson), preprint (2012), 34 pages.
  2. Morita homotopy theory of C*-categories (with Gonçalo Tabuada), submitted (2011), 35 pages.
  3. On the derived category of a graded commutative noetherian ring (with Greg Stevenson), submitted (2011), 19 pages.
  4. Equivariant Kasparov theory of finite groups via Mackey functors, submitted (2011), 28 pages.
  5. A functorial equivariant K-theory spectrum and an equivariant Lefschetz formula (with H. Emerson, T. Kandelaki and R. Meyer), preprint (2011), 20 pages.
  6. Tensor triangular geometry of noncommutative motives (with Gonçalo Tabuada), Adv. in Math. 229(2) (2012), 1329-1357.
  7. The unitary symmetric monoidal model category of small C*-categories, preprint (2011), to appear on Homology, Homotopy Appl., 27 pages.
  8. Localizing subcategories in the Bootstrap category of separable C*-algebras, J. K-Theory, 8(3) (2011), pp. 493-505.
  9. Tensor triangular geometry and KK-theory, J. Homotopy Relat. Struct. 5 (2010), no. 1, 319-358.
  10. The Witt groups of the spheres away from two (with Jean Fasel), J. Pure Appl. Alg. 212 (2008), no. 5, pp. 1039-1045. (pdf)

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Conferences and workshops

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