Muehle - an implementation of Nine Men's Morris for Linux

Muehle is a no frills implementation of the classical board game Nine Men's Morris. It does not have any cool features: no play against other humans (neither locally nor via the network), no play computer vs computer, no stats, no time control, no learning from play, no analysis mode, no variants for the rules of play. It's just to have some fun playing against the AI. The only additions: you can undo moves; and the AI will indicate when it thinks the position is dead even (you may take that as the AI offering a draw). You, on the other hand, cannot offer a draw: that would be pointless, as the AI is not designed to handle it anyway. Just quit or start a new game if you feel the current game is going nowhere.

Muehle is distributed free of charge and comes without any (not even implied) waranties. So don't use it. If you decide to use it anyway, you may find this annotated screenshot helpful.


Command line options are described in the man page.


        flatpak remote-add --user --if-not-exists flathub
        flatpak install --user flathub  net.kubux.Muehle

Copyright (C) 2020-2022 Kai-Uwe Bux

PS: the AI uses a Monte Carlo tree search variation with a hand crafted evaluation function that is based on pattern counts (e.g., the number of open mills) and also has perfect knowledge of the game theoretic values of all 3 on 3 positions.

PPS: if you are looking for something more fancy, you may want to check out: