Peter Dräxler's CV

Personal data:


Academic qualification:


Development of the CREP (Combinatorial REPresentation theory) program system at the SFB 343:

Participation in projects funded by national and international institutions:

Experience in the academic administration:

Guest at universities abroad:

Organisation of Conferences:

Participation at conferences and invitations for lectures in:

Aachen, Augsburg, Bayreuth, Beijing, Bielefeld, Blacksburg, Bonn, Boston, Bregenz, Budapest, Chemnitz, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hamilton, Bad Honnef, Ioannina, Kassel, Kiew, Leeds, Linz, Luminy, Magdeburg, Mexico, Oberwolfach, Ottawa, Paderborn, Padova, Paris, Praha, Regensburg, Seattle, Stuttgart, Torun, Trondheim, Warsaw, Washington, Würzburg, Xiamen, Zurich 

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Last modified: 05-2007