Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop "Mathematical Analysis for Peridynamics"

January 16-22, 2011
organised by Etienne Emmrich, Rich Lehoucq and Max Gunzburger

Please also have a look at the Oberwolfach Report.

Particpants and Talks

Nathanial Burch
Generalized Master Equations for Continuous Time Random Walks on Bounded Domains (PDF)

Qiang Du
Mathematical and numerical analysis of PD (PDF)

Etienne Emmrich
On the existence of solutions to problems in elastodynamics and an open question in peridynamics

Husnu Erbay
Global existence and blow-up results for some problems in nonlinear nonlocal elasticity (PDF)

Albert Erkip
The Cauchy problem for a nonlinear peridynamic equation (PDF)

Max Gunzburger
PD FEM and nonlocal vector calculus (PDF)

Ulrich Hetmaniuk

James Kamm
A Model for Nonlocal Advection (PDF)

Frederic Legoll
Coarse-graining atomistic models at finite temperature (PDF)

Richard B. Lehoucq
Stat mech of pd and nonlocal balance laws

Robert Lipton
Multiscale Dynamics of Heterogeneous Media in the Peridynamic Formulation (PDF)

Tadele Mengesha
Variational Theory for Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems (PDF)

Michael Parks
Computational Peridynamics (PDF)

Petronela Radu
Dirichlet's principle and well posedness of steady state solutions in Peridynamics (PDF)

Julio D. Rossi
A nonlocal p-Lapacian evolution equation (PDF)

Pablo Seleson
Connecting peridynamic models and coupling local and nonlocal systems (PDF)

Olaf Weckner
Analytical solutions in peridynamics using Fourier transformations (PDF)